Evenings of Invocation Dedicated to Harmony and World Peace


In this tumultuous and troubling planetary period, we invite you to participate in weekly evenings of invocation, to help invoke a greater influx of Light on Earth and throughout all of its kingdoms.

The science of invocation is an extraordinary means in which to incite the decent of beneficent and healing energies, and to help establish a greater planetary equilibrium.

Together we have the power to change the world.


Fridays – in person and live webcast
At all times – on demand
Time: 19:30 – 20:30
Cost: free admission
For more information: 450-376-2224


We offer two methods for accessing the Invocation documents.

They will also be available at the Poorna-Jnana Yoga Foundation the day of the event for $5.00.

First method
Click on the date you wish to participate in an event (e.g., Friday, May 12) and you will have access to the documents for that event.

Schedule – June 2023

Friday, June 2: Full Moon Meditation: Buddha Maitreya, the Christ – He Comes
                           Méditation de Pleine Lune : Bouddha Maitreya, le Christ – Il Vient ;
Friday, June 9: “Spiritual Warriors“ – « Guerriers spirituels »;
Friday, June 16: “Will, Love and Power“ – « Volonté, Amour et Pouvoir »;
Friday, June 23: “Finally Free“ – « Finalement Libres »;
Friday, June 30: “The Whole of Humanity“ – « L’Ensemble de l’Humanité ».

Schedule – July 2023

Friday, July 7: “May We, As Humanity“ – « Puissions-nous, en tant qu’Humanité »;
Friday, July 14: “Concerning The Divine Plan“ – « Au sujet du Plan Divin »;
Friday, July 21: “The Land of the Free“ – « Le Pays de la Liberté »;
Friday, July 28: “Spirituel Warriors“ – « Guerriers spirituels ».

Second method

Print the following three documents:

  • The main document;
  • Addendum: contains a long Invocation divided into seven parts, recited alternately;
  • Schedule for reading the seven parts of the long invocation of the addendum.

PROCEDURE for using the three documents

The Invocations in the main document are recited until page 10, followed by the chosen Invocation for the week in question from the addendum (please see the schedule for more information).  We then continue to read from the main document until the end.

These Invocations of Etbonan Karta can be recited at any time as a service to humanity.


1 | In person, on Wednesdays and Fridays
Poorna-Jnana Yoga Foundation

1206, Saint-Luc Blvd., suite 110, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Quebec CANADA J2Y 1A5

2 | Live webcast on Fridays
Log in to the VIMEO space a few minutes before the evening starts at 19:30 [UTC -4]:  https://vimeo.com/event/2004392

3 | Webcast on demand
The rebroadcast of these evenings is available at all times on the VIMEO space. Listen to the most recent webcast: